1884. Brother Mendel discovers the laws of genetics

8 May 2011

“My day will come” you mutter under your breath…

“What was that?” asks Brother Pable?

“Nothing, Brother Pable, just talking to myself I’m afraid”

 Brother Pable is your deputy Abott. It’s been twenty years since you started your experiments with peas.

After spending years growing 20,000 pea plants, carefully examining the peas from each plant, you found clear evidence of… well something. You know the ratios of round peas to wrinkly peas you found are significant in some way, and after years tending the peas in the green house, you wrote up your results and read your paper to the Scientific Society of Bonn. It would’ve been arrogant to expect thunderous applause, and arrogance is the worst of the sins, but you couldn’t help being disappointed at the response. Barely a murmur! And in the twenty years since, no one has picked up on your research. 

 “I know my day will come…” you say again, more quietly this time…

 In any case, you don’t have time for that kind of thing anymore however, because you’ve risen through the hierarchy at the Friary, and when kind old Brother Napp was called to take his place with the Lord, you succeeded him as Abbott. And so, it’s all administration for you these days, much of it because of the rent disagreement. The role of Abbot is a job for life, ending only with death, which, in time comes to you too. 

 After your funeral, Brother Pable burns all your notes, including your research notes on your pea experiments, as a symbolic end to the long running rent dispute.

 You never do see your day come.

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